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  1. Formation of Textbook Society:

            Karnataka Textbook Society (R.) came into existence on 01-04-2006 as per Government order No. ED 95 DGO 2005,  Bengaluru Dt.04/01/2006 promulgated to form an umbrella body in the context of preparation, printing and distribution of textbooks. This is in accordance with the recommendations of Dr. K.P. Surendranath Committee to have an autonomous body in the form of Society. The society was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1966 on 23.05.2006.

            The Society functions as per the directives of its Governing Council and the Executive Committee. This facilitates for the quick decisions and efficient distribution of both free and sale textbooks.

  1. New Textbooks as per new curricular policy:

            As a result of unimaginable advancement in the field of knowledge, especially in science and technology and aspiration of the people all over the world, it has become imperative that changes for the better, in the field of education is indispensable. So the Government of Karnataka came up with a specific curricular policy based on the guidelines of NCF-2005 and KCF-2007. The textbooks are based on new features like connecting knowledge to life situations, learning to shift from rote method to the joyful process, enriching the curriculum beyond textbooks, softening of subject boundaries, integrated knowledge even knowledge is to be constructed and developed by the child.

            In order to make textbooks more resourceful and attractive, a committee of experienced teachers, subject specialists and educationists has been formed. Good quality DTP work,  attractive cover page design with appropriate explanations have been emphasised.

            The preparation of new textbooks has been a multi level exercise. After the preparation of textbooks, they are sent to DIETs and CTEs of the state for feedback. This includes the suggestions from educationists, teachers and parents. These textbooks are reviewed by the editorial committee formed by Government of Karnataka. This committee will verify the contents and other aspects. The suggestions from the committee will be considered before finalising the textbook. Textbooks are prepared in 12 languages and 7 mediums. Q.R codes have been inserted in most of the books from the academic year
2019-20 to enrich the books. From scanning these Q.R codes by using any Android phones, more information and exercises related to chapters can be downloaded for further reference. This technology has created a new revolution in the field of education.

  1. Wide Scope:

            The Society is also responsible for printing and distribution of textbooks prepared based on the state syllabi for nearly 100 lakh children of classes 1 to 10 studying in Government, Aided and Unaided schools of  Karnataka. The textbooks are printed under 2 categories namely free and sale. Free books are meant for the students of Government and Aided schools. Society prepares, prints and distributes  about 545 titles including workbooks from class 4 to 10. Apart from this students diaries from class 1 to 12, Puc textbooks, Adarsha Vidhyala books, Nali-Kali Cards, NSQF textbooks from class 9 to 12, books for  specially abled children from class 8 to 10 and books related to co-curricular subjects.


  1. Activities:

            The Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana, Karnataka (SSA) sponsors free supply of textbooks to classes from 1 to 8th for Aided schools of the state. From the academic year 2011-12 Government introduced the scheme of distributing free text books to the students of class 9 and 10 of aided schools too.  Society also  print and supply pre-university books. Work books are being printed and distributed to Government schools under a new plan from Samagra Shikhana, Karnataka.

            Languages and social science textbooks are being prepare as per state syllabus, in order give regional importance in the process of learning literature and local history. But to empower our students to face national level competitive exams with confidence we have adopted NCERT books of science and mathematics from class 6 to 10.

            In karnataka state we have started English medium sections in 1000 Government schools from the academic 2019-20. We are providing NCERT English language book, bilingual books in Mathematics and Environmental Science. The same will be continued for class 2 in the academic year 2020-21.

  1. Transparency in procurement:

            The Society has adopted standard approved procedures for printing and supply of textbooks. Tender will be floated as per KTTP Act covering southern India level for printing and supply of books to 204 blocks of the state through e-procurement. Eligible bidders will participate in the process. As per the rules of KTTP Act bidders will be selected based on their capacity of printing and the rate quoted. A quality check with respect to printing, binding and usage of paper will be monitored by the society frequently.

  1. Effective distribution mechanism to reach out the children:

            Normally, procedures pertaining to the printing of textbooks  for the coming academic year will be initiated in the previous financial year. Indent related to the requirement of  textbooks for students from class 1 to 10 will be procured from all Government, Aided and Un Aided Schools from 204 block education officers of the state.

            Head of the institutions of all Government, Aided and Un Aided Schools will submit indents through SATS. This indent will be verified in CRP level and finalised at block level. State level indent will be consolidated based on the indents of the blocks. Textbooks printed as per the indent will be supplied to all block education offices. Transportation cost will be released to supply textbooks KTBS to block education offices to reach out the children.

  1. Distribution of Sale books:

            Head of the institutions from Un Aided Schools will submit their indent through SATS. The cost of the books will be credited to the textbook society with the help of payment gateway technology embedded in SATS.

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